Other historical places well known for wine like Zell, Enkirch and Cochem can be explored. Especially Bernkastel-Kues with its by half-timbered houses surrounded marketplace is to be emphasized. The castle Landshut can be reached by foot or more comfortably by express. From there a wonderful vies over the Mosel valley can be enjoyed.

Destinations and worth seeing

Also other hills invite to be used as for hiking purposes. Often one can choose between ways with light gradient or more demanding ways to go up: hence to be recompensed with spectacular views. In some ruins or castles there are also really nice inns, pubs or restaurants for every purse.

Those guests whom precipitous increases are too strenuous, will find outgoing from Traben in the direction Kröv a panoramic way , which leads in to a broader part of the Mosel valley. From here you’ll also haves a nice look over the Mosel onto the Old Town of Trarbach.

Charming towns like Koblenz and Trier

Very nice destinations are both Koblenz (60 km) and of course Trier (50 km) with its sometimes impressing and well-preserved buildings from Roman area. As another nice trip an excursion to Luxembourg might have your interest. Also an overnight trip by bus to Paris with an guided tour of the city can be booked.

Visits and culture

Typically for the region the different mines open to visitors, the Celt's settlement in Bundenbach (28 km) or e.g., the volcano house in Strohn (34 km). For the vacationers who are interested in minerals and precious stones Idar-Oberstein is a miraculous destination.


Our holiday cottage in Traben-Trarbach is therefore an ideal starting point four your vacation on the Mosel!

The market square in Bernkastel
Explore the cathedral in Trier
The imperial castle of Cochem
The Burg Elz - a real knight castle